Thank You!

September 8, 2012

Thank you so much to all my friends, family, and supporters who helped the campaign in so many ways. Sure, winning the nomination would have been better, but I can't help but feel lucky to be surrounded by so many awesome people.

And to the canvassers and phone-callers, you made a very big impact. We heard countless stories on Primary Election Day of the great work you did. Kim took a call from a woman who was so happy we were in her neighborhood reminding people to vote, that she just had to call in and thank us. Sarah and I met a young couple at the polls who told us they didn't even know that it was Election Day until one of you arrived at their door to tell them. If this race were determined solely on who had the most supportive friends and family, I would have won hands down.

You know that I ran for office because I believe we need elected leaders who really understand our communities and will always put our families first. I'm proud of the substantial difference you and I were able to make. We helped shape the direction of the campaign itself because we weren't afraid to be clear, open, and honest about what our communities actually need: better schools and more equitable school funding, improved infrastructure and public transportation, and the revenue to pay for the services we value.

We worked economically - we certainly weren't the richest campaign - but we made the most of the resources we had, knocking on more than 4000 doors in the district and speaking to hundreds of others through forums and coffees.

I learned a lot on this campaign. I learned directly from the residents about the challenges so many of them face. All of us want a better life - a more secure future for ourselves and our children. Yet so many today are struggling to make that a reality in our current economy. I learned just how welcoming people can be. I learned how willing they are to tell you what they think and what they want from their government if you are willing to take the time to knock on their door and listen.

The victory in the race belongs to Mike Barrett. I wholeheartedly support him and encourage you to do the same. Each of my opponents in the primary election brought unique qualities and skills. Any of us would have represented the district well. Having had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with Mike on the campaign trail, I can tell you he truly has the best interests of our communities at heart and will make a great State Senator.

Thank you once again for all the support you have given me. I wish I knew how to thank you enough.

Very Best,